Mora Mora Beach is a beautiful bay in Salento with a lido, a waterfront bistro and a cocktail bar, offering top service and excellent hospitality. The stunning location and the eco-compatible facility create the perfect atmosphere to spend a relaxing holiday with a feeling of complete well-being. Mora Mora Beach also offers high-quality musical and cultural events for a truly breathtaking experience.


If you have always dreamed of celebrating a special event, a wedding or a simple romantic dinner on the beach, then let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Mora Mora Beach bay with its sea, large white beach and accommodation capacity are the natural arena of a unique spectacle.


Enchanting Mora Mora Beach is a strip of private beach overlooking the Adriatic, between Le Cesine Oasi WWF and the Grotta della Poesia, at the marina of San Foca in Salento. 150 metres of white sand and crystal-clear water, in a private cove nestled among low rocks and vegetation. You can glimpse the mountains of Albania on clear days and see the reflections on white umbrellas and gazebos through the filter of the Bistro, which integrates into the setting perfectly with its minimal lines. Mora Mora Beach is one of the very few Italian beaches to have ISO 13009 certification, signalling its compliance with international standards for sustainable management and top-quality services. It has all the ingredients for an authentic holiday, away from the chaos, in total privacy and relaxation.


Mora Mora Beach is only 500 metres from the Posia Luxury Retreat & Spa, a 22-room resort with a restaurant, spa and two panoramic swimming pools.

POSIA is an escape from stress and complexity: open, accessible, technological, innovative and sporty, yet still so human, intimate, creative and meditative. One big family, where every need is satisfied and every guest enjoys a tailor-made holiday. A place that regenerates, excites, stops time and takes care of you.